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Unit Studies Based on Animals (Elementary)

Burgess Book Lessons

I first came across Thornton W. Burgess in 2011 when my oldest daughter was in kindergarten. Some of his books were included as part of my homeschool curriculum. The first one we read together wasThe Adventures of Reddy Fox and it wasn’t long before we were hooked! The lovable animal characters Burgess created sparked lasting love and curiosity about nature that I wanted every child to experience. Throughout each book, Thornton Burgess introduces children to a whole variety of North American animals. Each story is engaging, funny, thought-provoking and abounding in opportunities to teach about morals and character traits. Here on the Burgess Book Lessons website, you’ll find lesson ideas, teaching guides, and activities to pair with this classic children’s literature. I’ve also included many profiles of the animal characters Burgess brings to life in his timeless stories. Go explore and enjoy!

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