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Give & Take

Have an unneeded appliance or piece of furniture or other household good?  Ready to clean house and bless a single mom?  Complete this form to let us know what item(s) you have available.  We will send an email to alert all the single moms on our listing; anyone interested will be given your contact info so you can make plans for an exchange. 


Please prepare to keep your item for 1 to 2 weeks while awaiting a response as we do not house your donations.  If you still have your item after that time, it is likely time to take your donation to Salvation Army or Goodwill. 


Thanks for thinking of our single moms at The Kids & Me!


Thank you for your donation!


Single Moms,

Send a                                       

to indicate your interest in any of the items displayed here. Donor's information will be sent to you.


Large round mirror (not pictured) is included with the vanity.

contact: Bonnie P
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