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Summer Fun

The Fields At Sunflower Trail Is An Epic Sunflower Maze In North Carolina That’s Just As Magnificent As It Sounds


The sunflower is thought to represent a variety of things the world over. Some cultures regard it as good luck; others believe the sunflower is a symbol of loyalty and adoration. But regardless of its’ symbolism, the sunflower almost always elicits a smile upon sight. If you love sunflowers as much as we do, then just wait until you visit this epic sunflower field in North Carolina! It’s magnificent!"

The Fields at Sunflower Trail is sunflower farm, among other things, located 31 miles southwest of Winston Salem. And this summer, the sunflower fields stretch for almost as far as the eye can see.

The 14-acre field contains a huge sunflower maze that's as enchanting as it sounds. If you think it's fun to get lost in corn each fall, then just wait until you find yourself surrounded in every direction by bright and cheery sunflowers!

In addition to the sunflower maze, though, the Fields at Sunflower Trail also hosts u-pick sunflowers (while they last) during the summer.

The u-pick fields opened on June 17, 2022 and are ready for business. They're open seven days a week (here's a full list of hours and fees).

You'll need to bring your own clippers so don't forger those...

The Fields at Sunflower Trail is open seven days a week and the hours vary. The farm is located 33 miles southwest of Winston Salem, 66 miles north of Charlotte, and 128 miles northeast of Asheville. If you're on the coast, it's a bit of a haul. The farm is 250 miles from Wilmington.

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