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Scheduling Work and Schooling

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Let's face it: keeping up with kids is a full time job whether they are doing schoolwork or just having fun. Is it possible to work full time and keep up with the kids full time as well?

The answer here may be to think outside-the-box in regards to scheduling. Structure is a mighty helper, but structure doesn't have to look like it does at school. Consider alternating which days of the week, how many days of the week, and which part of each day of the week are devoted to your child's schooling and which are devoted to your work. Then devote that time. Enlist help from loved ones or swap time with other moms to get your scheduling arrangement covered. [Need to connect with other single moms? Reach out on The Kids & Me facebook page ]

Here's some great advice from homeschool mom veteran of ten years Tammie Polk.

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